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A DIY garage storage project

I already have two projects planned for 2017, a miniature/gaming project and a model car project, and now I am going to add a DIY woodworking project. There are many times I feel the need to build things for the house or do some kind of home improvement task. This usually comes as a result of watching episodes of This Old House or various DIY and woodworking videos on Youtube. It has happened enough times I have amassed quite a few tools to do these potential projects, but I have only one project to show for it, a coat and backpack rack for the kids. I think it is time for project number two.

I have been cleaning out the garage in 2017. It’s a mess with more stuff than places to put the stuff, so it’s going to be a lengthy process. I am going in sections as I clean and sort things out. First up is the back wall of the garage. It currently has my old computer desk, an old shoe rack, and an old IKEA bookshelf. There is no rhyme or reason for the placement of these items. I just needed a place to put them and over time stuff started to pile up on them. Now it is time get it clean and organized.

The first thing I did was throw out the shoe rack. Many times when we get new furniture in the house, the old stuff goes into the garage. I try to find a new purpose for them, but usually I just put it somewhere for no reason. I need to just start throwing things away. This shoe rack was a perfect example. All the shoes there were old kids shoes that no longer fit and other random stuff. This allowed me to slide the desk over. This opened up some space between the desk and the bookshelf. I am keeping the desk; it can serve a useful purpose as long as I don’t pile junk on top of it. However, that bookcase has got to go. It’s flimsy and the stuff stored there really shouldn’t be there. So now I have this large space between the desk and the water heater. What do I do with that space?

Proposed storage area

The answer is build a custom storage solution. The idea I have in mind right now is a cabinet with drawer storage below, the middle area would have some pegboard storage, and the top would be some cabinets for additional storage. The poor drawing below should give a rough idea of what I have envisioned. Now it’s time to inventory my tools and other things I might want to store in this thing so I can fine tune the dimensions and draw sizes. And then, hopefully, I will start building. More to come in the following weeks and months.

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