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A new blog (and project) for 2017

As I mentioned in my general blog, 2016 didn’t go as planned. This project log blog never got off the ground. With things settled down now (or as settled down as things get), I am going to try this again. I have got some projects coming up for this blog, so hopefully things actually get done this year.

One project I will be working on in 2017 is Infinity : Operation Red Veil. It is the introductory battle pack for Infinity 3rd Edition. After my falling out with Games Workshop and Warhammer 40K, I searched for an alternative tabletop wargame. That’s when I discovered Infinity. I liked the settings. I liked the miniatures. And I liked the rules, especially ARO’s which broke up the monotonous your-turn-my-turn routine common in many games. I bought a few miniature packs to paint up and get started about four years ago, but nothing ever happened. When Infinity released their 3rd edition rules and this boxed set, I thought about trying again, but never bought it since so many other things were going on. Then a few days ago, while browsing for bard miniatures, I remembered how I wanted it, so I bought it this time.

Operation Red Veil continues the timeline in the Infinity universe, which I am not very familiar with. This boxed set introduces the 3rd edition rules with a small force of Yu Jing and a small force of Haqqislam with each side getting a unique miniature only found in the boxed set. There is a softcover 3rd edition rulebook included and the Neon Lotus scenery pack. The scenery pack contains a gaming mat and thick paper stock cutout buildings. I picked up it for $77 on Amazon.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be painting the miniatures, assembling the scenery pack, learning the rules, and building a mini gaming table for this to be played on. I want it to be like a board game, something easy and somewhat portable so I can introduce the game to others.

To learn more about Infinity The Game, go to

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